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Running on empty? It’s no secret that some delicious food or a hard-earned sweet treat gives the green light to productivity. Our various catering options are perfect for recharging your team.

Catering options include:

Hot fork buffet:

  • The perfect way to refuel during a long day
  • 6 options of hot food (examples include chilli, macaroni cheese, curry)
  • From £9.95 per person

Please note that there is a minimum booking of 10 people required for this option.

Refuel Buffet:

  • Basic buffet (options TBC)
  • From £9.95 per person

Soup and sandwiches:

  • Homemade soup and fresh sandwiches with a variety of fillings
  • £5.95 per person

Sandwich platter:

  • Variety of fillings
  • £3.95 per person

Seasonal fruit platter:

  • A sweet but healthy boost
  • £1.95 per person

Breakfast rolls

  • Variety of fillings
  • £1.95 per person

Tea and coffee:

  • £1.95 per serving (with shortbread)
  • £2.95 per serving (with pastries)

All of our delicious catering options are served in our award-winning café. Please note that all catering prices are inclusive of VAT.