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Are you worried that electric go-karts just won’t be as fast, or as fun, as petrol go-karts?

Petrol-heads, gather round! This is what they won’t tell you at other go-karting tracks: our electric go-karts ARE different: they’re nimble, zippy and have excellent torque, so they’re perfect for racing around the hairpin bends of our track.

Electric Go Karts by Bizkarts

Our state-of-the-art Ecovolt electric go karts, made right here in the UK by Bizkarts, use cutting-edge electric vehicle technology for a powerful, fast, Formula E style race right here in Glasgow. In our experience, they out-perform petrol go-karts in nearly every way. Petrol go-karts claim higher top-speeds, but that only makes a difference over long stretches in straight lines. Electric go-karts hit their top speeds faster, handle better, and accelerate out of corners with crazy speed. They emit no noxious fumes, so it’s better for the driver, the spectator, and the environment.

Our Track

In 2016 we re-surfaced our karting track with a new, grippy finish and redesigned the layout, to offer karters an even more epic racing challenge. If you’re still in doubt, book some track time at The Experience here in Glasgow and we’ll be happy to show you why we believe the future is electric!

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Great day out here for all ages, Karting was brilliant fun as was the Laser area.

- George M, TripAdvisor