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STEAM+ Rollin’

Bringing STEAM+ On the Road

Due to the success and interest in our recent pilot programme, as well as generous funding from the Engineering Education Grant Scheme (EEGS), we are proud to offer STEAM+ Rollin’, our ‘on the road’ service which allows us to bring many of our interactive workshops to your school for free*

Choose from the following experiments:

  • Scribbling Machines

We’re going to get technical and build a miniature robot! Take to the learning lab to construct and build a motorised scribbling machine while learning how motors are at the core of almost every moving object.

  • Motors and Magnets

Do you think you have what it takes to make the fastest motor? Children will discover the inner workings of an electric motor and create their very own free-standing, spinning model using only a battery and a magnet.

  • To Float or Not to Float

Think you know this simple experiment, think again! Children will work together to engineer their own vessel in order to hold a set weight. Using everyday materials and some specialist equipment, they will be asked the ultimate question… will it float?

  • Dynamic Air

Get to grips with aerodynamics as you engineer your very own hoop glider! Get creative with card and straws in order to build a dynamic glider that will be launched into the air from the Viewing Platform. Whose will soar the furthest?

Please drop us an email, or call 0141 883 4005 to see if you qualify for a free STEAM+ Rollin’ visit.

*Funding is limited and finite, and schools must meet certain criteria.