Healthy Reasons to Kart!

26th January, 2018

Go-karting is (rightly so) hailed as a fun and exhilarating activity, but did you know there are other benefits to getting out on the track? Here are some more reasons to get racing!

Builds strength

Steering a go-kart is all in the arms! Jumping into one of our electric karts and manoeuvring your way round the track is a sure-fire way to give your biceps and triceps a workout. Regular karting will help to strengthen and tone these muscles—sounds better than going to the gym, right?

Improves reflexes

With its hairpin bends and overpass, our track is designed to keep you alert. You need to be ready to make quick turns and brake sharply if needed, so karting is a great activity to improve your reflexes.

Strengthens concentration

When you’re behind the wheel, focusing is key. You can’t let your mind wander because your attention needs to be on the track and the other drivers. Because of this, karting is a great way to train your mind to concentrate on one task for a certain period of time. It also means that anything that’s been on your mind won’t be so niggling while you’re karting as you’ll be focused on what you’re doing at that precise moment.

Boosts confidence

Learning to drive the go-kart, getting to grips with the track, and of course winning all provide a sense of accomplishment and boost in confidence. And if you don’t feel you did your best? Just come back and try again and you’ll be feeling like a Formula 1 racer in no time!

Increases oxygen flow

Go-karting is classed as an extreme sport, and doing these kinds of activities encourage your body to release adrenaline which can help increase oxygen flow. This aids circulation and can make you feel more invigorated. What better reason to book a Grand Prix?

No fumes

This isn’t a benefit of karting in general, it’s only a benefit of electric karting. As Scotland’s only electric go-karting track, at The Experience you won’t have to worry about inhaling nasty fumes and leaving smelling like a garage! Electric karts are far more eco-friendly than their petrol equivalents and we’re proud to be electric pioneers!

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Great day out here for all ages, Karting was brilliant fun as was the Laser area.

- George M, TripAdvisor