Gus’s Karting Tips

18th July, 2018

Our track is full of twists, compromising corners and straights, it’s certainly a challenging course! Our works driver, Gus currently holds the fastest lap time at an astonishing 26.113 seconds, a time that took a lot of practice and perseverance to achieve.

Watch the below video to find out how Gus managed to cement this time, and pick up some valuable tips if you’re up for the challenge of beating him!

Here are some of the main tips Gus suggests:

– Breaking the 30 second barrier is a good indication that you’ve got a solid understanding of the course, but you’ve not mastered it yet as there are key areas where you can shave off valuable seconds.

– Gus recommends taking one or two laps to warm up and get a feel for the track

– When turning the steering wheel, don’t turn the wheel more than 45° or the front tyres can start scrubbing, and you can lose speed through understeer

– Many corners on the track are compromising corners, which means that you might have to sacrifice speed through one corner to gain speed through the next

– Hugging the left-hand barrier on the pit straight gives you the ideal position for coming onto the hill

– The ideal time to hit the brakes when exiting the ramp is about two thirds of the way down while turning at the same time



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Great day out here for all ages, Karting was brilliant fun as was the Laser area.

- George M, TripAdvisor