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Q: How long does a session last?
A single session of laser tag lasts 20 minutes and a double session lasts 40 minutes total.

Q: What is the maximum number of people?
We can get a maximum of 15 people in the laser tag at one time, any more than that we’ll split you in to teams, and your total time will increase.

Q: Will I be in with other people?
Unless you have booked a party package, or have a large group booking (12+ people), we cannot guarantee exclusive use.

Q: How big is the arena?
The arena is split in to two large rooms, the Physics Forest and Chemistry Lab. These rooms are both have different themes which you can freely move between. The Chemistry Lab also has two levels, which are wheelchair accessible.

Q: Is it dark?
The arena is quite dark, though it has a number of LED lights/strip lights as well as florescent paint on the walls. However, you can still quite easily see other players in the arena.

Q: Is it easily accessible for those with additional support needs?
Yes, our whole facility was designed to be fully accessible for those with additional support needs/wheelchair users. If there is anything that could make it a more enjoyable experience for any user please let us know when booking. We can turn off the noises/sound effects and put on the overhead lights if required.

Q: Can under 6s go in with an adult?
Though we recommend 6 as a minimum age that is more of a guideline than a strict rule, this is because the room is quite dark and has loud noises. However, this is at your own discretion. We do allow adults to go in and help children for no extra charge; however they will not have a gun of their own.

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