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Q: What is in the room?
The room has a number of different components, all designed with sensory needs in mind. The room has a wall and a floor projector, bubble tube, octopus strip lighting, bean-bag with coloured lights, changing scents, LED wall lights, fan, amp, floor mats and small assorted toys. The room is all control by a central computer, which can be set to different modes such as calming or Disney in which the room will automatically interact.

Q: How long can I stay?
We run a number of half hour and hour sessions throughout the day and so phone in to enquire about availability.

Q: Do I have exclusive use?
Yes! The sensory room is booked out exclusively for your use.

Q: How many can use the room at once?
As you have exclusive use of the room there is no strict maximum, you can use your own discretion to decide how many users you wish. We would recommend 2 users with additional support needs or 6 babies as a comfortable maximum- however this is not a strict rule.

Q: How much does it cost?
Our sensory room is currently free to use thanks to our funding. There is a donation box in the room which you can give to in order to support the running costs of the room if you wish.

Q: How do I book?
Bookings can be made through reception, just either phone in or pop down in person to enquire about availability. To book by phone, please call reception on 0141 883 4005.

Q: Can I just turn up or do I need to book in advance?

We would always recommend that you book karting at least 24 hours in advance to avoid disappointment. Weekends in particular fill up very fast as this is peak time. We therefore recommend booking  weekend karting sessions at least 1 – 2 weeks in advance to guarantee your place.

Q: How long do the sessions last?

Double Sprints and Family Karting sessions both have 20 minutes total track time and last about an hour door-to-door with registering, briefing etc.  A Grand Prix for 12 or less people will last about an hour and a half door to door, with roughly 30-40 minutes on track. For groups of 13-24 it will take roughly 2.5 hours all in. For larger group bookings you would be booked out for longer, depending on your group’s size, but this will be discussed upon booking.

Q: What height and age do you need to be to kart?

You need to be at least 8 years old to kart for insurance purposes. You also need to be over 1.2m tall as well, any shorter and you’ll not be able to reach the pedals! For younger/smaller children we do alternatively offer laser tag and have a multi-sensory room for babies.

Q: Can adults and juniors race together?

Yes! We run what we call Family Sessions where it only kids and their families that are allowed out on track at once. Due to their popularity we them whenever we have availability, please ask about specific dates/times at reception.

Q: How many people are allowed in a session?

We can take up to 12 people on the track at once, but run sessions back to back (ie one group goes on and the other goes on during the first group’s break, and then they swap). So we can get 24 people in an hour maximum. For larger groups/corporate events we can take as many people you can throw at us, you would just be booked out longer on the track.

Q: When do I need to arrive for my session?

Unless you have a large group booking you can arrive on the hour as there is allocated time for getting processed in your session. We would recommend that large groups and kids karting parties to arrive 15 minutes beforehand to give time for registering.

Q: What happens when I arrive?

On arrival everyone going karting needs to create a racing profile on their first visit, after that we will have you on our system. We then need you to sign a safety agreement saying that you have read and understood our terms and conditions, with a parent/guardian signing for those under 16. Then you will head out for our comprehensive briefing video which shows you everything you need to know about how to keep safe and get the most out of your visit. After this you will get on your jumpsuit, gloves and helmet, and juniors will be fitted with neck braces. Our Crew will then assign you to your kart and after a quick brakes test you’ll be good to go. After your first session you’ll receive your lap times and have a break to catch your breath and compare your times. You’ll then go back out for your second session. Those doing a Grand Prix will then go out for their final race after another short break. This will be with a grid start, with fastest in poll position, slowest at the back (as determined by your qualifier) for your 16 lap final.

Q: How fast can the karts go?

The karts can go up to 35mph, but with the increased acceleration of electric karts they can get up to speed faster than their petrol cousins. This means you can go faster for longer when racing round the track!

Q: Can the speed of the karts be controlled for children?

Yes, all of our karts can be manually speed controlled by our marshals. We always will put juniors out slower on their first race until we can see that they are confident and then will slowly increase their speed. If anyone wishes to go out slower then please speaker to one of our marshals before racing, but remember you are always in complete control of your kart.

Q: Can I drive my child or another person on the dual kart?

Though it’s a nice idea, only our crew are insured and trained to use our tandem and side-by-side go karts. The duel karts are designed and used specifically for those individuals with additional support needs and so are not usually available for children unless they have specific needs.

Q: Can under 8’s go out with a member of staff?

Unfortunately for insurance purposes all those doing the karting need to be 8 years or over, even when they are being driven. We do alternatively have laser tag available for those not old enough to kart.

Q: Is there any upper age/height/weight restrictions?

There are no strict upper restrictions- it is really for your own comfort. If you think there may be an issue you can always pop down to see us beforehand to avoid any disappointment/embarrassment on the day.

Q: Is there an option to do the karting and the laser tag?

Yes! Just ask when booking and we’ll see if we have availability for you to do both. Plus we even offer discounted laser tag for those also going karting, at only £4pp instead of £5.50.

Q: When does it run?
Our Karting with a Conscious programme runs from Monday-Thursday, between 10am and 3pm (excluding public and school holidays). Outwith this time it is still possible to be driven in our tandem and side-by-side karts, however, it would be full price and we could not guarantee exclusive track use.

Q: What are the cost?
The KWC programme costs £10 Monday-Thursday, between 10am and 3pm (excluding public and school holidays). Outwith this time it would cost full price i.e. £20 for 8-12yrs and £25 for 13yrs+.

Q: What is the minimum age for accessible karting?
The minimum age for the accessible karting programme is six years when being driven by a trained crew member in the dual karts.

Q: What accessible facilities are available?
The Experience is a wheelchair accessible venue that provides; onsite disabled parking, dedicated changing and W.C areas and a hoist operated by specially trained staff.

Q: What happens on my visit?
Upon arriving for your karting session, you will be met by our friendly crew who work with you to ensure you get the best race experience.

Q: How long does a session last?
A single session of laser tag lasts 20 minutes and a double session lasts 40 minutes total.

Q: What is the maximum number of people?
We can get a maximum of 15 people in the laser tag at one time, any more than that we’ll split you in to teams, and your total time will increase.

Q: Will I be in with other people?
Unless you have booked a party package, or have a large group booking (12+ people), we cannot guarantee exclusive use.

Q: How big is the arena?
The arena is split in to two large rooms, the Physics Forest and Chemistry Lab. These rooms are both have different themes which you can freely move between. The Chemistry Lab also has two levels, which are wheelchair accessible.

Q: Is it dark?
The arena is quite dark, though it has a number of LED lights/strip lights as well as florescent paint on the walls. However, you can still quite easily see other players in the arena.

Q: Is it easily accessible for those with additional support needs?
Yes, our whole facility was designed to be fully accessible for those with additional support needs/wheelchair users. If there is anything that could make it a more enjoyable experience for any user please let us know when booking. We can turn off the noises/sound effects and put on the overhead lights if required.

Q: Can under 6s go in with an adult?
Though we recommend 6 as a minimum age that is more of a guideline than a strict rule, this is because the room is quite dark and has loud noises. However, this is at your own discretion. We do allow adults to go in and help children for no extra charge; however they will not have a gun of their own.

Q: How long does the party last?

Our standard Karting and Laser Party packages (for a minimum of 10 kids) will last 2 hours in total. If you have additional children or wish to add on any STEAM+ activities (such as t-shirt printing or cupcake decorating) your party will last longer, however you will be informed about this when booking.

Q: When/where do they eat?

Parties usually eat after they have finished all their activities in one of our party spaces. However, this may be subject to change on the day if you are doing multiple STEAM+ activities. You can also request to dine in The Refuel Café at The Experience if preferable, however please note this space will be fully open to the public.

Q: What are STEAM+ activities?

We run a number of STEAM+ activities as party add-ons. Currently T-Shirt Printing, Cupcake Decorating, Scribbling Machines and Lava Lamp/Volcano making are all on offer. Please enquire at reception for more information about details and prices.

Q: What is the maximum number of guests?

For the karting party we can take up to 12 on the track at one time, with additional kids costing £20pp, above the original 10. Any more than that we’d need to book out twice the amount of track time and so you would be charged the price for 2 parties. We could then take another 4 guests (up to 24) and then you would be charged for 3 parties. And so on.

For laser tag, we can take up to 15 in one session, with additional kids costing £12pp, above the original 10. Any more than that we’d need to split the kids up in to teams and rotate when they are battling. We would recommend a STEAM+ add on if this were the case in order to avoid having the kids waiting between sessions.

Q: Can I bring decorations?

Though there is nothing stopping you from bringing decorations, the party spaces are quite large and so a simple banner will often be dwarfed by the room and so we’d usually not recommend it. However, large helium/foil balloons do add to the spaces quite well and are popular with parties.

Q: Can I bring a cake/party bags?

Of course! Though these are not things that we currently offer you are more than welcome to bring along your own. Just give them to reception when you arrive and we’ll take your cake to the kitchen to be served after your dessert and your party bags to your party space. We would ask that you bring your own candles, lighter and knife for your cake as this makes it easier on the day; however a lighter and knife can borrow if required.

Q: How far in advance do I need to book?

As our parties are becoming more and more popular, we would always recommend booking as far in advance as possible, especially for laser parties. We would recommend booking at least one to two months in advance to avoid disappointment.

Q: Can you do karting and laser?

Yes! What we can do for you is a Karting Party package with a laser add-on. This would cost an additional £4pp for a 20 minute session of laser tag. This would last a total of 2.5 hours and would come to a total of £290 for 10 guests. There is also an option to do add on a double session for £8pp.

Q: Can I have the plane room?

Unfortunately the Departure Lounge (and all of our party spaces) cannot be guaranteed. Rooms are allocated by our party co-ordinator and are influenced by number of guests and STEAM+ activities of all the party bookings of the day. The Departure Lounge is also used as a conference space which is another factor in allocation. If you wish to request a room you can do so when booking, but please be aware we cannot honour all requests.

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Great day out here for all ages, Karting was brilliant fun as was the Laser area.

- George M, TripAdvisor