The Experience: Kibble Social Enterprise - employment & training The Experience: Kibble Social Enterprise - employment & training

Social Mission

The Experience was developed by Kibble, one of Scotland’s oldest charities.

Why is a charity developing this unique project?  For over 150 years, Kibble has been helping young people to build a better and brighter future for themselves, and for young people moving into adulthood, we know that jobs change lives. Kibble already has 10 years’ experience of running social enterprises in a range of occupational sectors providing employment, training and soft skills for young people who need some additional support

What is a social enterprise?

Mainstream businesses start with an idea for selling a product or service, and then employ staff to carry out that function. But an employment social enterprise turns that process on its head, and has job creation as its primary purpose. So, The Experience has actually been developed to operate as a Young Workforce Development Centre. The centre provides work experience and training for young people with some barriers to employment and will also have a range of full and part-time jobs for college and university students keen to gain some valuable work experience. The young people who require additional support are trained and supported by qualified, experienced adult staff and we are grateful to the Big Lottery Fund for supporting this programme.

You see a Go-kart…we see a young person’s future.

Why culinary arts and Go-karting? This may seem like an odd mix, but over 70% of 16 to 19 year olds start their working lives in the leisure and hospitality sector. From the outset we were determined that quality would be paramount, hence the decision to use electric Go-karts which are clean, emission-free and quiet. At every stage of our planning we always had to return to our primary focus of providing the largest number, and widest range of job opportunities.  So it made sense to combine activities and these have grown to include senior and junior senior Go-karting, Laser Tag, Slot Car racing, restaurant, training kitchen, flexible event space and a stage for the performing arts…not to mention our destination lounge and recycled Boeing 737 fuselage!

We are grateful to The Gannochy Trust for generously supporting The Gannochy Trust Academy for Culinary Arts. In addition to providing high quality food and service seven days a week, we have plans to hold guest chef nights, run cook school events for children and adults and provide volunteering opportunities to prep and cook for community groups. Our urban garden is situated a few hundred yards from the kitchen and provides fresh vegetables, herbs and salads. We also plan to develop a range of branded packaged goods including jams, chutneys, breads, etc.