The Experience: Building history, Rolls Royce Factory, WW2 The Experience: Building history, Rolls Royce Factory, WW2


The Experience has been constructed inside the former Rolls-Royce aero engine factory which was originally built to produce engines for Spitfires and Hurricanes during the Second World War.

In 2016 a salvaged passenger jet fuselage was added to the centre. Generously supported by The Moffat Charitable Trust, this provides another event space which is incredibly popular for children’s parties and corporate team building days.  Again, it offers more youth jobs!

Throughout the centre there is a strong focus on leisure and learning and you will find lots of fun facts peppered throughout.

The Timeline Tunnels focus on the power of work and pull out themes relating to the social, financial, educational and personal benefits of work.  In its earliest days, Kibble operated as an industrial school, providing trades training in shoemaking, joinery, tailoring and farming.  The power of work was used to turn around the lives of poor, disadvantaged young people, and snippets from this fascinating story can be found inside The Kibble Timeline Tunnel.  Kibble was founded in 1859 as the result of a bequest by Miss Elizabeth Kibble, who came from a wealthy Paisley textile family. See if you can find the extract from her last will and testament from 1840 in The Experience.

The Rolls Royce and STEAM Timeline Tunnel tells the story of the history of the property, and its critical role during World War II.  Again, the power of work is pivotal to the story and a strong focus is given to the role played by women.  For many it was their first introduction to a life beyond the traditional roles of housewife and mother and opened up new opportunities and experiences.